Friday, September 25, 2009

TD ONDOY (96W) slows down as it nears Northern Bicol... [Update #006]


for Friday, 25 September 2009 [6:00 AM PST]

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Typhoon2000 (T2K) NEWS (Thu September 24 2009):

Currently issuing the 6-hrly advisories (except 12:00 AM) on the newly-formed TD ONDOY (96W).


+ Philippines (PAGASA/10-min avg): 55 km/hr
+ Japan (JMA/10-min avg): 45 km/hr
+ USA (JTWC/1-min avg): 35 km/hr


6:00 AM PST (22:00 GMT) Fri 25 September 2009
View: Advisory Archives (2004-2009)

  • Tropical Depression ONDOY (96W) weakens slightly and has slowed down during the past 12 hours...still threatens Eastern Luzon particularly Northern Quezon & Aurora...Western & SW Rainbands now spreading across Bicol Region and Samar Provinces.

    *Residents and visitors along Central Luzon and Bicol Region should closely monitor the progress of ONDOY.

    *Kindly refer to your local warnings & bulletins issued by your country's official weather agency. This advisory is intended for additional information purposes only.

    + Forecast Outlook: ONDOY is expected to track WNW for the next 24 hours and slowly intensify. The 2 to 3-day medium-range forecast shows the system passing more or less 150 km north of Bicol Region early tomorrow and shall make landfall over Northern Quezon or Southern Aurora tomorrow evening & cross Central Luzon thru early Sunday morning Sep 27. ONDOY shall be off the South China Sea either Sunday afternoon or evening.

    + Effects: ONDOY's circulation has become a little compact as it continues to consolidate despite moderate vertical wind shear nearby...western and southern rainbands expected to affect Samar and Bicol Region including Quezon Provinces beginning today. Widespread light to moderate to sometimes heavy rains w/ increasing winds of up to 55 kph can be expected along ONDOY's rainbands. Stormy conditions is possible if the system rapidly intensifies as it passes north of Bicol Region early tomorrow. 1-day rainfall accumulations of 50 up to 150 mm can be expected along ONDOY's rainbands...with isolated accumulations of up to 300 mm near the center of ONDOY..or along mountain slopes. People living around the slopes of Mayon Volcano in Albay & of Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon - especially along the areas where possible MUDFLOWS (LAHAR) FLOWS (mixture of volcanic mud and water) are located must stay alert as moderate to heavy rains associated by this system are likely to affect the area beginning today. Residents in low-lying areas & steep slopes must remain alert & seek evacuation for possible life-threatening flash floods, mudslides & landslides due to the anticipated heavy rains brought about by this system. Precautionary measures must be initiated if necessary.

    + Current SW Monsoon Intensity: MODERATE >> Light to moderate southwesterly winds not in excess of 40 kph with occasional widespread rains or thunderstorms can be expected along the following affected areas: WESTERN MINDANAO, PALAWAN AND WESTERN VISAYAS. Possible landslides, mudslides, mudflows (lahars) and life-threatening flash floods are likely to occur along steep mountain/volcanic slopes, river banks, low-lying & flood-prone areas of the affected areas.

    [Important Note: Please keep in mind that the above forecast outlook, effects, current monsoon intensity, & tropical cyclone watch changes every 6 to 12 hrs!] 
    Time/Date: 6:00 AM PST Fri September 25 2009
    Location of Center: 14.5º N Lat 127.4º E Lon
    Distance 1: 350 km (190 nm) ENE of Virac, Catanduanes
    Distance 2: 395 km (214 nm) ENE of Gota Beach, Caramoan
    Distance 3: 405 km (220 nm) NE of Sorsogon City
    Distance 4: 425 km (230 nm) ENE of Legazpi City
    Distance 5: 465 km (250 nm) ENE of Metro Naga/CWC
    Distance 6: 485 km (262 nm) East of Daet, Cam Norte
    Distance 7: 615 km (333 nm) ESE of Infanta, Quezon
    Distance 8: 680 km (367 nm) East of Metro Manila
    MaxWinds (1-min avg):
    45 kph (25 kts) near the center
    Peak Wind Gusts: 65 kph (35 kts)
    Saffir-Simpson Scale: Tropical Depression
    Coastal Storm Surge Height: 0 feet [0 m]
    Central Pressure: 1002 millibars (hPa)
    Recent Movement: WNW @ 15 kph (08 kts)
    General Direction: Northern Quezon-Aurora Area
    Size (in Diameter): 400 km (215 nm) / Average
    Max Sea Wave Height (near center): 9 ft (2.7 m)
    T2K TrackMap (for Public): 6 AM PST Fri Sep 25
    JTWC Ship Avoidance TrackMap:
    04Z Thu Sep 24
    Zoomed Satellite Pic: Near Real-Time

    PHILIPPINE STORM WARNING SIGNAL # ONE (1) click to know meaning

    The above areas will have rains and winds of not more than 60 kph today. Coastal waters will be moderate to rough.

    Residents living in low-lying and mountainous areas under Public Storm Warning Signal Number 1 are alerted against flashfloods, mudflows, mudslides and landslides.

  • T2K 24 & 48 HR. FORECAST:

    2 AM (18 GMT) 26 SEPTEMBER: 14.9N 124.1E / 55-75 KPH (Tropical Depression) / WNW @ 15 KPH
  • 2 AM (18 GMT) 27 SEPTEMBER: 15.9N 120.2E / 45-65 KPH (Tropical Depression) / WNW @ 20 KPH




    > Image source:  NOAA SATELLITE CENTER 


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      ^ - JTWC commentary remarks (for Meteorologists) from their latest warning.

    >> To know the meteorological terminologies and acronyms used on this update visit the ff:


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