Tuesday, December 11, 2007

T2K Philippine Tropical Outlook [for week Dec 10-16, 2007]


Typhoon2000 Philippine Tropical Outlook
For Week: DECEMBER 10-16, 2007 [MONDAY TO SUNDAY] 
Issued: 7:00 AM MANILA TIME (23:00 GMT) SAT 08 DECEMBER 2007
Next Update: 7:00 AM (23:00 GMT) SAT 15 DECEMBER

[1] Continued chance of below-average rainfall for the South China Sea
& Western Philippines.
This temporary suppressed convection & dry conditions
in this area, which is interrupting the general widespread wet conditions typical
during La Niña may extend up to this week. Confidence: MODERATE.
[2] The passage of a Mid-Latitude Frontal System over Southern Japan
& China's High Pressure Area may continue to bring strong & cool north-
easterly winds accompanied with some rainshowers along Eastern Luzon
(from Batanes down to Bicol Region).
This wind system is commonly known
as the Northeast (NE) Monsoon which starts in November and ends in March.
Confidence: HIGH.

[3] Strong Easterly Trade Winds from the Western Pacific Ocean and the
Philippine Sea is expected to bring wet weather conditions across Eastern
& Central portions of Visayas & Mindanao.
These conditions are mostly
typical during a moderate La Niña event.
Confidence: HIGH.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that the above weekly tropical forecast outlook, does not guarantee
100% accuracy! Errors & changes can happen 
within the designated outlook week.

> This outlook is issued for planners every Saturday. The next Outlook will 
  be issued on December 15.

Sources: NOAA Global Benefits/Hazards Assessment & Various Numerical Computer Models
To know the meteorological terminologies and acronyms 
   used on this update visit the ff:


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